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Ron Swanson Wisdom

23 Feb

I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation religiously as of late, and as a result of the hype of Ben and Leslie’s wedding, I was watching a rerun of old episodes. Ron Swanson is so humorous and I feel is one of the best characters on this show, though April is pretty high up on that list as well. But while watching one of the old episodes, something Ron said really stuck with me and so I painted a canvas of it. It’s currently hanging at my office and its a great conversation starting from clients and coworkers.

Katherine Lau's Ron Swanson painting

Inspired by Parks and Recreation’s character, Ron Swanson.

Katherine Lau's Ron Swanson painting close up

Close up of my version of Ron Swanson.



Friday Favorites: One Page Websites

16 Feb

With personal branding in mind, I’ve been researching and looking into a lot of other designer’s portfolios for inspiration. One of the most popular thing I’ve noticed was single page portfolios and templates. They’re straight to the point and appealing enough where the user is not overwhelmed with the intense amount of copy content. Check out this wonderful site, One Page Love, for some wonderful single page inspiration. This is probably my favorite one. It’s simplicity makes the website elegant, while still maintaining an exciting user experience through¬†parallax¬†scrolling. What other sites do you use when you’re in a creativity funk?!
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