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HIMYM’s Yellow Umbrella…

23 Apr

Another art canvas, inspired from one of my favorite TV Shows, How I Met Your Mother. For those who have seen this show as religiously as I have, this will have more meaning. =] What do you guys think? I feel like we’re all just waiting for our yellow umbrellas out there….. hopefully I won’t have to wear red cowboy boots to get there….


How I Met Your Mother, Yellow Umbrella





Advice to New Bloggers

23 Apr

New Blogger? Here are some useful articles from experienced bloggers on how to deal with different situations!  I’m def taking notes and trying to push myself to blog more often. I think my favorite ones by far are the “Keeping My Style Consistent” and “Finding My Voice”. Especially being more of a visual person, I find it often very difficult to determine my blog “voice” and have it consistent throughout all my blog posts. Which article is your favorite?

Better Blog Guide


**Stay tuned for my next post on how to make flower garlands!!**

Friday Favorites: Interesting things on AdWeek

12 Apr

There are two friday favorites this week. I was browsing through my weekly subscription of Adweek Daily and these two things really stuck out at me. The first being Kit Kat’s recycled use of their white chocolate bars.

In order to commemorate Kit Kat’s last 50 white chocolate bars, Kit Kat decided to have their illustrator, Matt Watt, melt all the candy bars and create illustrations with them. “After crushing and melting the things, he painted the resulting goo on canvas and used a knife to scrape away the sections he didn’t want, leaving behind a white-chocolate relief.” This has to be by far my favorite:
Kit Kat Bar Recycled


What do you guys think? Would you go this far to celebrate their limited edition white chocolate bars? I wonder what would happen if the room gets too hot….

My next favorite find was Underpantones, or underwear in pantone colors. This is such a nerdy and designer thing of me to like… but I’m surprised this was not invented sooner.
pantone color underwear

I thought this was an interesting product, not only because I’m a design nerd, but also it brings up a very interesting topic of discussion. Some view this product as a social commentary on how overexposed “Pantone” is becoming, similar to how often “Helvetica” is used. What are your thoughts?!

Stay tuned for upcoming tutorial on another apartment decor project I’m working on!


Antique Jewelry Holder

8 Apr

I went to a large Rummage fair in the city of Milwaukee this past weekend, and though I didn’t find anything that really caught my eyes, I did notice a lot of vintage picture frames, which inspired me to make a vintage jewelry holder.

I already had an antique picture frame from a previous photo shoot, so I figured let’s put it to better use! As always, I found some inspirational tutorials from Pinterest that gave me a better idea on what materials I would need. Overall, this project cost under $20!

Main inspiration sites: Site one     Site two

I loved how both of those blogs showed clear instructions on how they made their jewelry holder… So I borrowed some ideas from both and used it on mine!

Antique Jewelry Holder

Here are some things I definitely would do differently if I were to make another one:

–  Definitely measure the cardboard accurately to the frame before glueing the cork board to it. Mine is half a cm longer on one side…. 😦

– I would invest in getting hooks instead of push pins for my next one, so it fits the “antique” theme

– Get thicker cork so it’s twice as sturdy. Right now my cork is 2.38 mm.

And here are more photos of the antique/ vintage jewelry holder. What do you guys think?
Antique DIY Jewelry Holder

Antique Jewelry Holder- DIY Katherine Lau

Antique Jewelry Holder - DIY Katherine Lau

Click here to see more photos of this DIY teal dresser!
Thanks for reading! Until next time,


26 Insightful quotes to live by at work…

5 Apr

Some insightful quotes to live by at work….

Friday Favorites: Spring Apparel

4 Apr

Being a dedicated Pinner, I love using Pinterest to mark new ideas and inspirations, whether it’s for design work, DIY projects or even fashion trends. And because Spring is a late bloomer this year, especially in Milwaukee, I am just finally catching up with the seasonal trends of Spring. I am definitely digging the whole floral and mint colors this season! I can’t wait to start wearing dresses again. Check out some of my favorite pieces:

1. Floral Tops! I love the brightness of this outfit and how spontaneous it is!

Spring Apparel favorites

2. Floral Studded Earrings! A more subtle way of celebrating Spring with floral if you’re not into extremely girly floral tops

Simple elegance, floral earrings

3. Beige Sweaters: Like I said before, though I am excited for Spring’s arrival, it is still a little brisk in Milwaukee. Nothing better than a warm and cozy sweater to layer on top of your floral flair!

Beige Cozy Sweater, Spring Apparel

4. Pastel color shoes with a tint of Gold! What’s a Spring outfit without cute shoes to match? And it’s on sale at Charlotte Russe?!

Spring Apparel Shoes

5. Colorful Purses: Of course, I can’t just settle with one… Here’s 6!!

Spring Apparel Purses

So there you have it! My Friday Favorites! I apologize in advance to all those who follow my Pinterest Boards, you will be seeing a lot of floral and mint from me in the next few days. =]

Coming up: I’m going to a Rummage Fair this weekend, follow my next post on what treasures I find and what DIY projects are coming up!


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