Friday Favorites: Spring Apparel

4 Apr

Being a dedicated Pinner, I love using Pinterest to mark new ideas and inspirations, whether it’s for design work, DIY projects or even fashion trends. And because Spring is a late bloomer this year, especially in Milwaukee, I am just finally catching up with the seasonal trends of Spring. I am definitely digging the whole floral and mint colors this season! I can’t wait to start wearing dresses again. Check out some of my favorite pieces:

1. Floral Tops! I love the brightness of this outfit and how spontaneous it is!

Spring Apparel favorites

2. Floral Studded Earrings! A more subtle way of celebrating Spring with floral if you’re not into extremely girly floral tops

Simple elegance, floral earrings

3. Beige Sweaters: Like I said before, though I am excited for Spring’s arrival, it is still a little brisk in Milwaukee. Nothing better than a warm and cozy sweater to layer on top of your floral flair!

Beige Cozy Sweater, Spring Apparel

4. Pastel color shoes with a tint of Gold! What’s a Spring outfit without cute shoes to match? And it’s on sale at Charlotte Russe?!

Spring Apparel Shoes

5. Colorful Purses: Of course, I can’t just settle with one… Here’s 6!!

Spring Apparel Purses

So there you have it! My Friday Favorites! I apologize in advance to all those who follow my Pinterest Boards, you will be seeing a lot of floral and mint from me in the next few days. =]

Coming up: I’m going to a Rummage Fair this weekend, follow my next post on what treasures I find and what DIY projects are coming up!



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