Antique Jewelry Holder

8 Apr

I went to a large Rummage fair in the city of Milwaukee this past weekend, and though I didn’t find anything that really caught my eyes, I did notice a lot of vintage picture frames, which inspired me to make a vintage jewelry holder.

I already had an antique picture frame from a previous photo shoot, so I figured let’s put it to better use! As always, I found some inspirational tutorials from Pinterest that gave me a better idea on what materials I would need. Overall, this project cost under $20!

Main inspiration sites: Site one     Site two

I loved how both of those blogs showed clear instructions on how they made their jewelry holder… So I borrowed some ideas from both and used it on mine!

Antique Jewelry Holder

Here are some things I definitely would do differently if I were to make another one:

–  Definitely measure the cardboard accurately to the frame before glueing the cork board to it. Mine is half a cm longer on one side…. 😦

– I would invest in getting hooks instead of push pins for my next one, so it fits the “antique” theme

– Get thicker cork so it’s twice as sturdy. Right now my cork is 2.38 mm.

And here are more photos of the antique/ vintage jewelry holder. What do you guys think?
Antique DIY Jewelry Holder

Antique Jewelry Holder- DIY Katherine Lau

Antique Jewelry Holder - DIY Katherine Lau

Click here to see more photos of this DIY teal dresser!
Thanks for reading! Until next time,



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