Friday Favorites: Interesting things on AdWeek

12 Apr

There are two friday favorites this week. I was browsing through my weekly subscription of Adweek Daily and these two things really stuck out at me. The first being Kit Kat’s recycled use of their white chocolate bars.

In order to commemorate Kit Kat’s last 50 white chocolate bars, Kit Kat decided to have their illustrator, Matt Watt, melt all the candy bars and create illustrations with them. “After crushing and melting the things, he painted the resulting goo on canvas and used a knife to scrape away the sections he didn’t want, leaving behind a white-chocolate relief.” This has to be by far my favorite:
Kit Kat Bar Recycled


What do you guys think? Would you go this far to celebrate their limited edition white chocolate bars? I wonder what would happen if the room gets too hot….

My next favorite find was Underpantones, or underwear in pantone colors. This is such a nerdy and designer thing of me to like… but I’m surprised this was not invented sooner.
pantone color underwear

I thought this was an interesting product, not only because I’m a design nerd, but also it brings up a very interesting topic of discussion. Some view this product as a social commentary on how overexposed “Pantone” is becoming, similar to how often “Helvetica” is used. What are your thoughts?!

Stay tuned for upcoming tutorial on another apartment decor project I’m working on!



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