Lovely Website Revamps & New Features!

21 May

Don’t know if anyone else is aware…. but two of my favorite websites has new features and a visual revamp!

*Note: I am not affiliated with any of these companies- and therefore my post today is not in any way meant for advertisement. As a designer and exploring the fields of interactivity and UX on web, I just wanted to vocalize my thoughts on certain websites and the features I love!

1. Flickr

Flickr's New Face

Thoughts: I’m loving the extra photo enlargement- it really captivates what the website is all about- which is sharing beautifully shot photography! Though I’m not sure how I feel about the stationary top navigation bar…. I feel like it’s too common with every website now and has lost it’s value. One thing I do love and am currently obsessed with viewing is parallax scrolling websites!! They’re so engaging with users (if don’t correctly) and so visually simple and pleasing to viewers (in my opinion anyways).  I also love how they broke up the different features as a wide panel section. It’s straight to the point and it ends with a giant call to action- Sign up for Flickr! I do question why this website isn’t responsive though….

Some other awesome parallax scrolling websites I love!!

Bake Agency

Hotel Business Class

Von Dutch

Energy Drink

Real Cool Portfolio

Mobile App 

All time Fav
One thing all these parallax scrolling has in common: They’re all visually very appealing (whether it’s through strong photography or beautifully drawn illustrations) and they all engage the user by encouraging them to either scroll or click through something to see what would happen next! Also, they’re all not overwhelming with lots of features, but instead much more simplistic and drives to the point.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest Features

Thoughts: I love the new features of product pins, recipe pins and movie pins! I think the one I’ll mosts likely end up using the most is the product and recipe pins…. though I already have a board created specifically for that as my previous way of organizing my Pinterest boards. I’ve always been frustrated whenever I find some adorable clothing on Pinterest, but not have the image properly linked so I don’t know where to buy it! Now that it eliminates my continual search for where to purchase these items- it will be another wonderful/ horrible tool for me to buy more things I don’t “need”. Though I feel like this will also raise a question of Pinterest is catering this to advertisers as another platform for them to promote and sell items to users…..

What are your thoughts? Did you guys like the changes made to these two websites?



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