CaraBox Exchange: A trip to the carnival

27 Jun

Hey guys!
My second month doing the CaraBox Exchange and I was super excited for this month’s theme! If you’re curious to see what I received from my first CaraBox, you can see it here. For those who are not familiar, Kaitlyn at Wifessionals brilliant idea of exchanging gift boxes with other fellow bloggers and non bloggers to broaden our blog network- sphere and each month- the box follows a different theme.

This month the theme was Carnival related, while still keeping in mind what our assigned blogger loves and relating it to the blogger.

Here’s what I received from Alex at Our Lives Are An Open Blog. Along with her lovely encouragement note, I received a colorful scarf, summery color nail polish, chapstick, yummy caramel popcorn and a cute red popcorn container to hold it in!

Carnival June zoom in shot

Carabox Carnival

Carabox June Carnival Theme

I am in love with the vibrant colors and Alex couldn’t have captured the theme of Carnival any better! I love scarves and chapstick so this was a perfect jump to my summer in Milwaukee! I can’t wait to wear these bright colors before going to all the festivals and fairs this summer!

And for those who are curious….. Here’s a glimpse of what I sent to my blogger friend Bekah as my interpretation of what Carnivals mean to me.

Once again- shoutout to Kaitlyn for thinking of such a brilliant and adorable idea! For those who are interested in joining CaraBox– visit her blog to find more instructions! I can’t wait to find out what next month’s theme is!



2 Responses to “CaraBox Exchange: A trip to the carnival”

  1. Bekah June 28, 2013 at 9:13 AM #

    nice haul! The colors are spot on!

  2. Kat Lau July 1, 2013 at 12:14 AM #

    Yea! I love the extra pop of color that reminds me of summer!

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