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Portfolio Revamp!

30 Jul

Check it out! Recently, I’ve been looking at my portfolio and I think it needs a renovation… so I decided to change up my portfolio from this…

Katherine K Lau's old portfolio

to this!

Katherine K Lau's new portfolio

And here is the mobile version!

Katherine K. Lau's mobile portfolio

I love that it’s more intuitive, has a cleaner look and feel, and best of all- it’s responsive! Check out my previous post about other inspiring responsive websites!  To check out the rest of the website, visit here or just click on the portfolio image!  What do you guys think?


Typography Inspired: Quote of the Day

23 Jul

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to be challenging myself this week by exploring different ways to utilize typography. Today I attempted to do some lettering with the quote “Strive for Progress, and not Perfection”. I think this quote really reflects how I should constantly remind myself to live my life. Though it was definitely a lot easier said than done, considering I sketched out this quote 6 times before finally deciding this one looks good. But I guess being a perfectionist isn’t something I can easily get rid of overnight….

Strive for Progress and not perfection Quote

Media Used: Ball Point pen, gold metallic paint and multi-media canvas.

On a different note, this past weekend I went to a paint your own pottery place in Wauwautosa, WI…. and I just wanted to show you guys what I painted! I was so excited to go pick them up! Being a very huge Harry Potter nerd, I had to make these HP fancy looking cups!

Harry Potter DIY Mugs together

Harry Potter DIY Mugs- a

Harry Potter DIY Mugs- b

Harry Potter DIY Mugs- Owl


What do you guys think?


Just My Type: A Note on Typography

17 Jul

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but it’s been a crazy two weeks at work recently. I’ve been caught up doing a lot of SEO work for clients and documenting everything… and I’m starting to feel like I’m no longer a designer and feeling a bit “stale” (if that’s possible), since I haven’t actually designed anything in a while. In hopes to “re-spark” my passion for design, I started looking through other sites for inspiration (of course, Pinterest is one of my favorites… go figure) and I started noticing a lot of wedding invite designs on my news feed.

I’ve always wanted to explore the field of lettering and typography, especially in the wedding and party planning industry; after making my coworker’s wedding gift last week, I’m still very inspired by the limitless opportunities for creativity with wedding designs. There is just something super exciting about seeing different embossed invitations on quality stock paper or seeing beautifully typography used!! I realize not everyone shares this passion… and I sound extremely designer nerdy when I’m talking about type or paper. But there’s nothing better than being extremely passionate about what you do right?!

After geeking out and being truly inspired from the websites, I decided next week I’m going to challenge myself to design different quotes with an emphasis on using different typography. But before I jump to that, I wanted to share a few useful resources I’ve been checking out for those who are also exploring lettering and typography.

Here are some sites I found useful when trying to understand typography and lettering a little better:


And here are some games that help you learn more about typography!

The sites I find most useful and practical in my case were the articles specifically discussing how to combine different typefaces and understanding when to use what typeface or how to choose a font. The biggest thing I struggle with when it comes to typography is understand how to mix and match two different types of typography together and still make it look captivating to the eyes. So next week’s typography project will definitely be very interesting and a good learning experience! I definitely think it’s important to be constantly inspired, especially as a designer, in order to keep your passion for what you do alive.

Additional sites for more type inspiration: (click on the image to be redirected to their site!)

1) Pressing Letter Logo



2) Love vs Design logo



3)Burnette's logo



4)Type inspire screenshot



5) We Love Typography screenshot

So what do you guys think? Were these resources helpful? Am I the only one that gets excited talking about quality stock paper and elegant typography? Stay tuned to see my upcoming typography projects!! Until next time!

Summer Wedding: DIY Wedding Gifts

9 Jul

My co-worker is getting married in a week and I wanted to make the couple something memorable and stands out from the crowd of gifts…so I came up with the idea of customizing their gift. I made them gold Mr. and Mrs. mugs with the date of their wedding inscribed on the ear of the mug. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of those mugs before I gave this gift…. But along with the mugs, I also made a paper art piece that had their names, their wedding date and the lovely couple holding hands in front of their wedding reception location, the famous Milwaukee Pabst Brewery. Check it out and please share your thoughts!!

Tim's wedding gift photo

Tim's wedding gift photo 4 zoom in buildings

Tim's wedding gift photo 5 zoom in couple

Tim's wedding gift photo 6

Tim's wedding gift photo 2 Zoom Out

Tim's wedding gift photo 3

Tim's wedding gift photo 1


Simply Inspired: July 4th

1 Jul

Fourth of July is coming up! For those who are hosting parties with their families or just having friends come over- here are some inspired party ideas I came across that I couldn’t resist from sharing! These are inspired from Pinterest and other fellow bloggers- click on the images to get redirected to the original post or how-to recipes! Please note that I am not taking credit for these wonderful ideas- but just simply passing along some wonderful July 4th ideas!



July 4th chocolate covered strawberries


July 4th Appetizers






My favorite ones are the mini hamburgers and the chocolate covered strawberries!! Can’t wait to try making these and having a grill out with my family! Are there any Fourth of July traditions you have with your family or friends?



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