Cupcake Mobile Site Comps…. with a cherry on top!

5 Aug

This weekend I wanted to do a new project for fun…. working with a combination of mobile website designs, Apple’s new flat designs and of course, my favorite thing in the world, cupcakes! So I did a little bit of research on local cupcake stores and their websites and I’m learning not a lot of them are responsive or mobile friendly. I love Classy Girl Cupcake’s (especially their miniature cheesecake cupcakes) so I decided to use them as my pretend client for this project. **Side Note: Because this was a pretend project I did for personal entertainment, all the photos used are commercial free stock photos found from Google and the copy content is from their website as well.** Check it out and please share your thoughts! I’m constantly learning so I’d love some constructive criticisms! Click on the image below to see all the screens! (Now if only I can code these out so it’s a functional mobile website- that’d be awesome!)

Mobile Cupcake site screens



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