Types of Ampersand.

7 Aug

As you all know…. my latest typography obsession inspiration has offered a lot of new insights for me when it comes to design and DIY projects. Today I’m going to show you a tutorial on how I made Ampersand canvases. Here’s how the finished product looks like! Pretty cool huh?

Ampersand Canvases Photos

For those who are more visual learners like myself, I made a simple and straight to the point tutorial.

Ampersand canvas step by step tutorial

This project cost me a total of $20 and now I have four beautifully type inspired canvases hanging in my room! Overall, I think the stencils would work better if I taped them down better…. or used iron-on paper to iron onto the canvas. Though I’m super glad that I had modge podge on the scrapbook paper because it allowed me to remove some of the excess paint that went outside of my stencil while the paint was still wet.

Though these turned out better than I expected, I did have some major takeaways that I would do differently the second time around…..so take notes and learn from my mistakes!

Some major takeaways:

  1. Buy nicely patterned fabric instead of scrapbook paper next time….


– The stencils could be iron onto the canvas, ensuring a clean and crisp Ampersand

– There would be more patterns to choose from if I chose fabric over scrapbook paper


– Would require an iron….. which…. I don’t have

– If I messed up on painting with the stencils, it would be harder to remove from fabric.

Here are some more photos of the finished products!

Ampersand Coral background

Ampersand Gold

Ampersand Black and Beige

Ampersand Teal

Ampersand canvases

What do you guys think?? I can’t wait to other projects with the left over scrapbook and pretty paint colors I have!!



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