Friday Favorites: Designer Pains

23 Aug

Though I love what I do and I try to design and surround myself in art all the time…..sometimes there are things that are super frustrating when it comes to my job as a designer. Here are a few hilarious/ too close to home videos or articles that I can totally relate to.

1. When your image is off by one pixel….

2. Vague and non descriptive client responses… 

3. But I guess vague responses are slightly better than indecisive clients… 


And of course… saved the best for last.

**Clients from Hell** and the crazy things they tell us on a day to day basis.

If you would like to share your designer problems… follow and tweet #designerproblems 

How many of these can you guys relate to?

Stay tuned… going to a Renaissance Faire this weekend and I will most definitely be posting photos shortly!



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