CaraBox Exchange: Stage in your Life

30 Aug

Hey guys! For those who have been reading, I signed up for CaraBox Exchange again this month and I was definitely stumped by this month’s theme, which was “Stages of your life”. For those who are not familiar with CaraBox Exchange, visit my previous post with more details! I received my lovely CaraBox from Angie at My So Called Chaos. Check out what I received from her! I loved how she took the time to wrap each item individually with a lovely little note on each item!  My favorite of all her little notes was “Time is both scary and exciting. Treasure every second”. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks so much Angie! I loved it, especially the journal and teal rose earrings!! For those who are curious to see what I sent, check out my Chloe’s blog at All That Good Stuff!

CaraBox Exchange- Stages of your life! CaraBox Exchange- Stages of your life! 2 katherineklau_carabox_stagesoflife3

For those who are interested in joining next month’s CaraBox, click the image below! They are changing the CaraBox new policy for the next few months though. So instead of mailing a box every month to your fellow blogger friend, you get to talk and know your blogger friend for three months before sending a box! I can’t wait to find out what next the next CaraBox theme is going to be!



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