Blog Influence: How to Better Market your Blog

7 Oct

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently on how to better promote my online reputation through better networking, marketing and online promotion through blogging and other social media platforms. For those of who are also struggling with keeping up with a new blog and wondering how to increase traffic, here are a few quick and focused tips! What I love best is these are mostly infographics, so it gets straight to the point through visuals instead of paragraphs and paragraphs of reading! Check it out and let me know which you thought was the most helpful!

120 Marketing Tips Infographic

I thought this nailed it to the wall! It covers all the details you need to know from social media and content marketing to how to measure it’s effectiveness through analytics!

How to find online success

Another infographic that breaks down how to be successful online!

How to best engage with users!

An important question on creating content, especially in blogs and social media is engagement. This is a brief infographic explaining how to get your users to engage and what are some of the best media to use.

Perfect Post on all social platforms!

This infographic highlights how to create the perfect posts on popular social platforms, from the size of images to how many characters of words you can fit.

After a blog post...

And lastly, creating effective content is useless if you’re not measuring it’s effectiveness in relationship to your set goals. This explains what to do after a blog is written and posted and how to ensure it reaches as many audiences as possible.



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