DIY Piñata Costume: Halloween awaits!

18 Oct

Halloween is in a week or so and I cannot wait! For those who read from my previous post, I made my own piñata costume! It took a little longer than expected, about an average of 3.5 hours, but totally worth it! I can’t wait to show it off come Halloween! This entire costume cost me a little over $20! Where can you buy a costume for this price? **Side note- I apologize in advance for the horrible lighting of these pictures- I was under pressure of taking a photo quick while I was making this project and the hot glue gun was starting to get messy.**

>>>>> Supplies <<<<<

Dress ( from H&M- $13)

Rainbow color streamers ($1 each from the Dollar Store= $6)

Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun (Already Own) or Fabric glue if you prefer

Magazines (Had lying around the apartment)

Party Hats ($1 from the Dollar Store)

>>>>>> Steps <<<<<<<

1. Line the dress with the magazines so the hot glue does not bleed through! Then measure out the width of your dress with your streamers and organize the streamers based on the color coordination you prefer.

SimplistiCreations DIY Piñatas Costume 6

2. Once you have the streamer color order lined up, slowly cut the fringe into the streamers.

SimplistiCreations DIY Piñatas Costume 5

3. I made about 20 strips before taking out the hot glue gun and gluing them down.

SimplistiCreations DIY Piñatas Costume 4

SimplistiCreations DIY Piñatas Costume 3

SimplistiCreations DIY Piñatas Costume 1

4.  I scrounged the strips a little to add more texture to it and made it look like an authentic. And Ta da! This is the finished result! I’ll have a picture of the costume on shortly! For the hat, I just made smaller strips of fringe streamers and glued them on two party hats.

SimplistiCreations DIY piñata costume

Thoughts?! I’m still thinking about making a small bag to go with this costume. That way I can actually carry my phone and ID/ card and potentially candy… since after all, I am a piñata! Anyone else making their own Halloween costume?



2 Responses to “DIY Piñata Costume: Halloween awaits!”

  1. Mia August 6, 2014 at 5:29 PM #

    I can’t find the dress you used on H&M. Help?

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