Piñata in action! Halloween festivities.

27 Oct

As my previous post, you all know I made my own Halloween piñata costume! Here are some photos from this past weekend of the costume in action! And for those who missed it, here’s my tutorial on how I made the costume! I made some slight tweaks though as I was putting on the costume. Because I failed to consider that hot glue was going to restrict the dress from stretching, I actually had to cut the back of the dress and do a criss cross tie with red yarn so it fits properly. But you shouldn’t have a problem if you bought a bigger dress or used fabric glue instead of hot glue like I did! Otherwise, I got so many compliments on this costume because you definitely don’t see piñatas on day to day basis! It was definitely one of my more unique halloween costume ideas! What do you guys think?!

DIY pinata halloween costume group pic 1 DIY pinata halloween costume group pic 2

Stay tuned! I’m trying out a new recipe this week- Pumpkin Spice cupcakes and will have photos + the recipe up sometime this week! And I’ll be working on another quote paper cut idea for my Etsy shop this weekend!



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