DIY Thanksgiving Banner

16 Nov

Thanksgiving is in two weeks and everywhere I went, there are thanksgiving items being sold in stores in preparation for families to start decorating for their family gathering. Though I look forward to spending some quality time with my family for Thanksgiving this year, I’m actually more excited about Friendsgiving, a tradition my friends and I started a couple years back. Every year before the actual Thanksgiving, my friends and I would gather together for a lovely good time of hearty Thanksgiving food and catch up. This year, I’ll be hosting so I’ve been on the lookout for Thanksgiving decorations and I recently made a Thanksgiving Banner. Check out the tutorial!

>> Materials <<

(2) Brown cardstock paper

(2) Burlap paper

Extra textured cardboard I had lying around the house (you could buy these all at Michaels)

(1) Golden shimmery ribbon

Gold metallic acrylic paint

Hot Glue + Hot Glue Gun

Thanksgiving Stickers of your Choice



^^I cut all the cardstock and burlap in half, so this is how they look like longwise.


^^ I forgot to take a photo between this step but I then divided the long strips into threes and cut them so they were about 5 inches in width. Then I cut little triangle slits at the bottom so they look like flags. ((This is optional- but I used the extra textured card stock paper into flags as well and filled those with stickers))


^^ I cut the brown cardstock into tiny flats as seen above. Then I painted the words “Gobble, Gobble” with gold metallic paint. If you feel that your handwriting won’t look as neat as you’d like, you can always get stencils from Michaels or even letter stickers.


^^ Once the gold metallic paint dried, I glued them onto the burlap flags with a hot glue gun. I only did burlap for every other letter on my banner, but if you want to have this look throughout all your letter flags, then you’ll need 2 more sheets of burlap!




^^ Once the letters were glued onto the burlap material, I then took my gold ribbon and hot glued them onto the flag.  What’d you guys think? I’m thinking of tackling a Thanksgiving Centerpiece next. Any suggestions?!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,



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