An outlook in Job Opportunities…

9 Dec

Hey y’all!
It’s been awhile since I’ve written! I’ve been so caught up with the whole job hunting and doing freelance projects that I haven’t had a moment to settle down and do what inspires me. Since I’m on the topic of job hunting, I wanted to share some valuable articles and resources I found useful. Whether you’re currently transitioning to another job or struggling through a job rut, here are my biggest three takeaways I found helpful:

1. Always stay organized and continue to stay motivated.


It’s extremely hard to stay positive and motivated when you’re constantly being rejected or worse, no responses with your job applications. One of the things I found extremely helpful was staying organized and noting what jobs I applied to and the dates in an Excel chart. That way, I can keep track of when I applied, when I should send a follow up email and ensure I won’t apply to the same job twice! I also use daily and weekly planners to plan out short term goals and what tasks I need to accomplish that day. For some planner templates, visit my Pinterest Board.

2. Making new connections at networking events and staying in touch with old connections.


It’s not only important to continue nourishing your previous relationships, whether it’s old co-workers, employers or even clients you’ve worked with, it’s also crucial to connect and meet with new people. This could be done through various networking events like business conferences or local meetups or even through social media like LinkedIn and Twitter. Never underestimate the power of social media with building and fostering relationships!

3. Stay positive and take any opportunity that comes your way.


Regardless of whatever opportunity presents itself, you should take it (this is said with a grain of salt). Many will argue there are both pros and cons to this statement, but the way I see it. If someone offers you a chance to try something, whether it’s more entry level or something completely different, as long as you see the opportunity to build that relationship and find mentors from that company whose position you envision yourself doing in the future, then it’s a worthy opportunity. Not only is it a great way to showcase what your skill sets are to the current employers, but also a wonderful way to find resources from others who are more experienced in the field than you are.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for my next post on a new recipe I found!

Until next time,



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