DIY Christmas Tree Ugly Sweater

25 Dec

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! Been super busy with work and catching up on creating Etsy products to ship prior to the holidays! Happy Xmas eve and Happy Holidays! I can’t believe it’s already near the end of December and that tomorrow is Christmas! I decided to make an Ugly Christmas sweater for all the Ugly xmas sweater parties that occur during December. Though this post is a little late, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead for next year’s Christmas!
Here are some photos of the finished product!




1. Oversized green sweater (bought from Goodwill men’s section)

2. Hot glue gun and hot glue

3. Christmas Garland (bought from Dollar Store)

4. Christmas Star (bought from Dollar Store)

5. Christmas ornaments – color is up to you (bought from Joanns)


1. Make sure to put magazines or newspaper inside the sweater so the glue doesn’t stick the sweater together. Then measure the garland so it goes across the waist area and cut strips; glue them diagonally with a hot glue gun.


2. Once the chest area is covered in garlands, then add the ornaments under the garlands. I just chose hot glue gun because it’s quicker and more efficient. You could use fabric glue or other types of glue as well.



3. I then moved the arms up so I can measure and glue the garlands on the under portion of the sleeves. Followed with the ornaments once the garlands are glued.




Ta da! Add a star to the top and you have a finished Christmas Tree Ugly Sweater!
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


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