Balance: Fine line between work and life

20 Jan



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I’ve always considered myself a workaholic and am constantly writing on post it notes to plan out my next steps. As you’ve noticed from the previous few posts, I’ve focused a lot on writing about my career and what I plan on doing with my life. Like all the other out-of-college-mid-20′- individuals, I’m still trying to find my ideal career, my ‘calling’ or dream job, however you want to label it. At the same time, constantly keeping in touch with friends and family and having a romantic life isn’t easy on top of the career. As I’m constantly surrounding myself on what to do next, I found myself working on balancing a fine line between being successful both at work and in life. I’d like to see myself as a wonderful multi-tasker, able to handle multiple things at once and do an excellent job at it; when it comes to work, I found that I could work for a long period of time before breaking down or being remotely stressed out by it. Unless I had somewhere to be or other activities to do, I could be working for long shifts and not even notice I’ve been working long hours on end. I wanted to write a post about my passion for work, while still having a social or romantic life, because I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s struggling with this. So I went on researching to learn how to better allocate my time and manage my life. Here are my takeaways:

1. Learn to Say No

Whether it’s working over time or taking on freelance projects, if you barely have enough time for yourself, take the little that you have to remember to breathe and learn to say no!


2. Protect Your Private Time

This goes hand in hand with #1. You don’t want to burn yourself out with other things and just enjoy your alone time! Just make sure this private time is isolated from technology- like checking your emails or phone calls.


3. Work Smarter, not harder

Learn to use technology for faster and more efficient ways to work. Learn to work smarter and faster and not harder on yourself.


4. Find an outlet

Whether that’s through art/ drawing/ crafting, music, cooking or working out, find a way to release that stress.


5. Plan and allocate your time and tasks out weekly

For those that are visual learners like me, I like to allocate my week so I can see an overview of all the things I need to get done. It’s not overwhelming because it’s broken down per day and set as mini tasks. One step at a time, right?


1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  

Though it’s still a struggle for me right now to find a ‘perfect balance’ between work and life, I do find myself more aware of when I do overwork, to take a step back and remember these four takeaways and re-access my balance. I put ‘perfect balance’ in quotes because I think even those of us who think we have a ‘balanced’ life, it still leans slightly on one or the other. It’s just the matter of having a balance of 80/20 (work/life or vice versa) or my ideal of 60/40. What do you all think? How do you keep your work and life balance?



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