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Blue French Horn (HIMYM) and Gold Typography DIY Projects!

2 Apr

I’ve been busy crafting away lately (and they’re both available via Etsy!). Here are two of my latest projects! As you all know, I’m a major HIMYM (How I met Your Mother) fan, so I simply just couldn’t resist making a Blue French Horn Canvas! I was a little disappointed by the ending though (spoilers alert). I was really rooting for Barney and Robin to be happy and have a successful marriage. I feel like they just disregarded their long built up relationship and moved it back to Ted and Robin all over again… But differently people took the ending differently.
simplisticreations_himym_bluefrenchhorn-1 simplisticreations_himym_bluefrenchhorn-1744 simplisticreations_himym_bluefrenchhorn-1745

The second project I did was a gold paper quote cut out and I’m constantly trying to keep this as my motto. What’d y’all think?!

simplisticreations_doanythingnoteverything-1748 simplisticreations_doanythingnoteverything-1758 simplisticreations_doanythingnoteverything-1763 simplisticreations_doanythingnoteverything-1767


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