DIY: Wooden Pallet Coasters!

30 Jun

Summer’s here! Although it’s already the end of June, it still doesn’t feel like summer in Milwaukee yet. It’s been gloomy and rainy a lot and I actually had a power outage earlier this evening. (I still had time to create this blog post… Talk about a dedication right? :p)

Because it’s finally starting to feel warm and summery outside, I decided to start a new DIY project, since it’s been awhile! This past weekend I made some wooden pallet coasters. Why wooden pallets you ask? I was inspired by these outdoor furniture to create some matching coasters. (I can’t wait until I have a big backyard to make some of these!!)

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 7.45.58 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 7.47.05 PM

Long story short, I created a brief overview of how I created these pallets! Check them out!

DIY Wooden Pallet Coaster Tutorial







And more close up photos of the final results!





What’d y’all think? Wouldn’t a nice lemonade on top of these coasters just complete your summer?



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