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Updated Portfolio!

25 Jul

As I continue to explore UX or user experience, I realize my portfolio does not do an accurate job at depicting what I actually do. Sure, it showcases a lot of web visual designs and branding, but it doesn’t explain as well in details the process I took to designing each web or brand project. So this past month, I’ve been working hard at renewing my portfolio, explaining my process a little bit more and showcasing pieces that demonstrate my UX and IA abilities. Though a lot of the projects are still the same, I went into more detail on my overall process of design and how I came to the final designs or information architecture for websites. You can check out the live site at . Hope you enjoyed the updated versions and please share your thoughts! Check out the before and afters! katherineklau_portfolio_b4andafter

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DIY End table Makeover: Weekend Project!

21 Jul

This past weekend I finally got a chance to work on a set of end tables I bought from Goodwill that I’ve been putting off. Check out this brief tutorial! I’m so excited that it makes my dresser. For those who haven’t seen my Dresser makeover tutorial, you can check it out here.

I got this set of end tables for $60… on top of materials I used – the total was definitely under $80 for both. It was such a bargain! I think my least favorite part was sanding these bad boys down. I was lucky that I had a handy helper who also had electric sanding tools. That definitely beats having to manually sand these suckers down!
The before….


And the after!! I painted the inside with the mint color I had left over from my dresser makeover. (You can check out my dresser makeover here).And then I added patterned contact paper to show a pop of surprise when you open the drawer!



Look at how nice they are next to my bedding colors! 🙂

Thanks for reading and happy Monday!!


DIY BowTie Bibs: Inspired by Capital Romance

9 Jul

I have a co-worker’s baby shower to attend later this week and I found myself without a gift. So what’s a girl to do? Check out Pinterest for inspiration of course! I found this really cute tutorial on how to make bowties out of fabric, and I thought, what a great baby gift idea! So I decided to make some Bowtie Bibs for the baby! Just because he’s little doesn’t mean he should be out of style! Check out some of my bowtie bibs and to see the tutorial, check it out below!









Inspired by Capital Romance & Pinterest, I found this wonderful tutorial, so I had to share!

DIY Bowties



Color Run: Quick Tips & Pictures!

6 Jul

This past weekend was the Color Run in Milwaukee and I had so much fun! For those who aren’t aware, the Color Run is the happiest 5K run and it’s all over the United States. Check it out here.  It was so much fun, I’d definitely sign up for this again next year! I was actually surprised at how much fun it was, considering I am definitely not one for running. But  I wanted to share some quick tips for those who are doing the Color Run elsewhere throughout the summer! There wasn’t as much running as I thought, only because there were a lot of family and kids walking around with strollers, so it was hard to run around them. But it was still so much fun nonetheless! If you ever get a chance, I’d say definitely give it a try. You don’t even have to run the whole time if you don’t want to!

Quick Tips:

1. Ziplock bag your phone, ID + credit cards and or camera if you’re bringing one. The powder gets everywhere and though it comes off, why not just prevent it from getting colorful in the beginning. So definitely bring some ziplock bags and cover your important items!

2. Definitely load up on some sunscreen before hand, and if you have a lighter shade of hair color, consider putting some coconut oil in your hair so the color doesn’t stain.

3. Bring wet wipes or baby wipes for after the race! It definitely helps take some of the colors off before getting into the car. Don’t forget to line some towels and garbage bags on your seats so the colors do not get all over your car!

4. Bring a set of clean clothes to change into and also a garbage bag to place your old color filled clothes into before getting into the car.

5. Take advantage of the water stations during the race, especially if it’s going to be a hot day! It was in the mid 80s during my run and I definitely could feel my shoulders slowly roasting from the sun.

These were the before pictures!!

SAM_0827 - Copy

And the After pictures!!



Hope these tips were helpful! And have a blast with Color Run!


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