DIY clothespin wreath

30 Aug

This past weekend, I met up with a friend for a wonderful Art & Wine night…. For those who have never had an Art and Wine night, it’s literally what it sounds like. Drink lots of wine and create lots of crafts. This time, we both wanted to create wreaths for our entrance door.

I had access to some scraps of scrapbook paper and I wanted to do a project that could use these scraps, so I decided to make a scrapbook paper clothespin wreath (what a mouthful whew).

Here’s how it the final product looks like:


Materials Needed:

1. scrapbook paper ( i had 6 different patterns)

2. wreath wire (I bought mine from Michaels for about $4)

3. Roller Adhesive for double sided tape (Target)

4. Ribbon and command hook (Target)

5. 2 packets of Clothespins (ave 100 total) (Target sells packets of 50)


Total cost: Approx $20



1. Cut the scrapbook paper into the size of clothespins by measuring the sizes first.



2. Once the pieces are all cut, I then started taping the scrapbook paper onto the clothespins with this handy dandy double sided tape roller. It was so much easier! But I’d imagine that a regular double sided tape roll will work just as efficiently. I wanted to tape it instead of using glue of any sort because I didn’t want to wait for it to dry and also glue might wrinkle my paper.



3. The pictures below show all the clothespins with scrapbook paper attached to it for the visual learners out there!




4. I then started clipping the clothespins onto the wreath wire. Here are some other ones to give you inspiration on the different ways you can clip them onto the wire.  ( A | B  | C  | D)



5. And how it looks once all the clothespins were clipped!



6. I then cut a flag shape out of gold shimmery scrapbook paper I had because I needed a sign that says my apartment number. So I made three of these.



7. Once I had the three flags cut, I used the double sided tape again to tape it around the hemp. I then clipped the flags held up with hemp with the clothespins. The nice thing about this wreath is that if I move and needed a new number on this, all I needed to do was change out the flags.



8. I then cut the numbers out of glittery tape I had left over from a previous project. You can also buy that here. Or you could also get numbers that people use for mailboxes to give it a more finished look.



And this is how my friend’s turned out! She wanted to do a fall theme! Isn’t this lovely?


What’d you guys think?!



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