First “Art” Show @ Milwaukee Maker Faire

29 Sep

This past weekend, my friend Ellen from Paper Pleasers, and I attended our first “art” show where we were the vendors, instead of the buyers like usually. It was definitely a very different perspective. The reason I put a “quotation” between “art” is this show isn’t your typically arts and crafts fair you’d expect. It consisted of everything that an individual can make, hence the name, Maker’s Fair. It’s actually a pretty cool concept, it could range from blacksmithing to robotic making or even to paper crafting like what we do. Just wanted to take a brief moment to thank Maker’s Faire this weekend to allow us this wonderful opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a vendor at a show. Check out how our booth was set up! As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, you can purchase our products via Etsy as well! Please share your thoughts! We’re definitely expanding our product line currently still and will be taking part in more local art fairs before the year ends!simplisticreations_Makersfair1

































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