Vacation in Paradise & packing list resources!

16 Nov

Hey guys! It’s not a Friday so I’m not sure if this counts as a friday favorites, but it was definitely a much needed relaxation and inspiration break! I meant to post a picture of my suitcase before I left for vacation a week ago, but the wifi at the airport was super spotty. So here is an update of my trip and some resources for those last minute packers (at the end of the post) to make sure nothing important is forgotten! I went to Cancun, Mexico and it was super sunny and nice, I wish I was still there! Check out some of the beautiful food and scenery! 10805488_10154797942065057_474245442_n The leaving Wisconsin and arriving to Cancun! 10805220_10154801568570057_125635590_n Our Balcony view for the week! =] IMG_2022-1 The overhanging pool that oversees the beach! DSC_0054-2 IMG_1993-1 DSC_0028-2 DSC_0036-2 ^^ Went on a booze cruise – The Catamaran and stopped at islands! DSC_0131-1 DSC_0128-1 DSC_0105-1 DSC_0102-1 DSC_0079-1 DSC_0088-1 DSC_0090-1 DSC_0011-2 ^^ And of course, I had to see the 7 wonders of the world – Chitchen Itza! It was so beautiful and intricately designed! Definitely would recommend! Also had a chance to drink coconut fresh off a tree! It’s definitely been depressing coming back to Wisconsin to be greeted with 30 degree weather and snow on the ground… 😦 but on the bright side, it’s almost Christmas, aka my favorite holiday of all time! Can’t wait until I start seeing Christmas lights and all the holiday festivities! =]

Now here are the packing resources as promised from other awesome bloggers!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 <<#6 is the most intense packing list I’ve ever seen. Love it!!

And of course, the things to do BEFORE you leave for vacation!



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