Give Thanks by Giving Back!

24 Nov


Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday and we all have wonderful families, along with many other things, to be thankful for. But not everyone is so lucky, there are still many deployed soldiers that can’t spend this holiday in the comfort of a warm home with their loved ones. I was inspired to send care packages to our troops through my work. Just wanted to share a few ideas on what to put into the care packages and hopefully inspire others to create a package as well! Please also be sure to checkout USPS’s policies!

->> Basic Essentials <<-

1. Bodywash

2. Bandaids

3. Toothbrush/ Toothpaste

4. Nailclippers

5. Deoderant

6. Chapstick

7. Wet Wipes/ Baby wipes

8. Packets of Laundry detergent

9. Hand/ feet warmers

10. Thermal/ to go coffee mug


->> Downtime Activities <<-

1. Pen, paper and envelopes – for writing letters!

2. Video games

3. Puzzles or word search books

4. batteries

5. Headphones

6. DVDs

7. magazines/ books

8. book light

9.  Comic books

10. Card games/ board games

->>Would Love to haves<<-

1. Homemade cookies or baked goods… because who doesn’t love those?

2. Letters of encouragements

3. Pen, paper and envelopes stationary

4. Snacks like beef jerky or dried nuts

5. Energy Drinks or instant coffee packets



Now that you have your care packages assembled, where do you send them? Here are a few good resource you can further explore!




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