DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament

12 Dec

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, I started prepping for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party I’m having two weeks from now, so I decided to come up with a project for my guests to work on while they’re here instead of just standing around drinking! Michaels is doing a great sale currently on all their stickers and Christmas related products, so I definitely went a little overboard and stocked up! There are also a lot of these things at the Dollar Store, so I would highly recommend checking that out first before splurging at Michaels!

->> Materials <<-

Candy cane stickers, christmas tree stickers, snow flake stickers

Sparkly jewel stickers


Fabric Glue/ Super Glue or Hot Glue

glitter pom poms of various sizes


felt sheets with variety of colors

Glitter foam sheets

Pipe cleaners

Small hanger paperclips or make your own using this tutorial

And small bells


 ->> Instructions <<-

1) First, decide what color you want your ugly sweater to be – and cut two size squares measuring4 inches x 4 inches (it depends on how big you want your sweater ornament to be at the end)


2) Then cut a sweater shape out of both the felt sheets- I just freehand cut this. But if you want to print a sweater template here to trace and cut, it’s also available from that link!


3) Then I used fabric glue to glue the sweater together. But I didn’t have time to wait for it to dry- so I ended up using hot glue to make it quicker. If time allows, fabric glue will work fine on this felt.


4) From there, you can start decorating it! The first one I made was a moose head with a jingle bell red nose! To see some ideas for how to decorate and what to put on your sweater- check this out.


->> Final Results <<-




What do you guys think?!



2 Responses to “DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament”

  1. thesimplebride December 14, 2014 at 10:15 AM #

    I love this so much, how creative! What craft store do you usually go to? I must know where you got the mini clothes hangers.

  2. Kat Lau December 14, 2014 at 11:32 AM #

    Hey Lacey! Thanks for your comment! I typically shop at Michaels the Arts & Craft store, since they sell mostly crafting supplies. They sold the mini clothes hangers at Joann Fabrics though. If you click on the “mini clothes hanger” under the materials list, it’ll direct you to the site URL! Hope that helps!

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