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Laser Cut Wood Jewelry!

17 Jan

This past few weeks, outside of my new crochet adventures, I also started exploring lasercutting with wood. As you all know, I’ve been doing some laser cuts with paper for skylines and such, but I wanted to see what additional materials I can make fun projects out of. So I ended up designing a few pairs of wood laser cut earrings! As always, you can see more via my Etsy, here’s just a sneak peek! I’ve provided direct links below the image of where you can see more details about the earrings, or if you just click the image, it’ll take you directly to my Etsy shop for you to browse!

Check it out and please share what you guys think!


1 Boston Terrier Earrings | 2 Nuts about You Earrings | 3 In a Nutshell Earrings| 4 Foxy Studs |5 RainDrop Earrings| 6 Vintage Scissors Earrings| 7 Sugar Skull Earrings| 8 SHIELD Avengers Earrings|  9 Cute Raccoon Earrings



Holiday Packaging Favorites + Free Printables!

19 Dec

Have your Christmas gifts, but procrastinating to wrap them? Check out these free gift tag printables to help you along the way! Simply click on the image and it’ll direct you to where you can download the free printables! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.51.52 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.53.21 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.55.19 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.57.30 PM

Sources: DarbySmart | Love vs. Design  | MStetson

And now for some gift wrapping inspirations!

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 2.04.36 PM

^^ By adding contrast with ribbon and an intricate snowflake, it makes your gift look so sophisticated!


^^ Using simple kraft paper and adding a little accessory such as a papercut ornament, keeps it easy and simple!


^^ Make your gift more holiday and organic by tying pinecones and evergreen leaves! Add an extra spritz of evergreen scents to complete the holiday look!

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 2.07.23 PM

^^ Or simply just master your bow tying skills and complete any gift with a perfectly tied bow!


Vacation in Paradise & packing list resources!

16 Nov

Hey guys! It’s not a Friday so I’m not sure if this counts as a friday favorites, but it was definitely a much needed relaxation and inspiration break! I meant to post a picture of my suitcase before I left for vacation a week ago, but the wifi at the airport was super spotty. So here is an update of my trip and some resources for those last minute packers (at the end of the post) to make sure nothing important is forgotten! I went to Cancun, Mexico and it was super sunny and nice, I wish I was still there! Check out some of the beautiful food and scenery! 10805488_10154797942065057_474245442_n The leaving Wisconsin and arriving to Cancun! 10805220_10154801568570057_125635590_n Our Balcony view for the week! =] IMG_2022-1 The overhanging pool that oversees the beach! DSC_0054-2 IMG_1993-1 DSC_0028-2 DSC_0036-2 ^^ Went on a booze cruise – The Catamaran and stopped at islands! DSC_0131-1 DSC_0128-1 DSC_0105-1 DSC_0102-1 DSC_0079-1 DSC_0088-1 DSC_0090-1 DSC_0011-2 ^^ And of course, I had to see the 7 wonders of the world – Chitchen Itza! It was so beautiful and intricately designed! Definitely would recommend! Also had a chance to drink coconut fresh off a tree! It’s definitely been depressing coming back to Wisconsin to be greeted with 30 degree weather and snow on the ground… 😦 but on the bright side, it’s almost Christmas, aka my favorite holiday of all time! Can’t wait until I start seeing Christmas lights and all the holiday festivities! =]

Now here are the packing resources as promised from other awesome bloggers!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 <<#6 is the most intense packing list I’ve ever seen. Love it!!

And of course, the things to do BEFORE you leave for vacation!


DIY Dios de los Muertos Makeup

4 Nov

Hope everyone had an excellent Halloween weekend! Gotta love that Halloween ended up on a Friday this year. As promised, here’s a tutorial on how I put together my Dios de los Muertos makeup!


1. Apply white halloween makeup over your entire face. I used primer beforehand so the makeup stays in place. I also used manic panics white powder to make the white even more prominent.


2. I then added red around my eyes, following the arch of where my eyebrows are to the bottom socket of my eyes. I went over the red with Loreals red shimmer eye shadow so it adds depth.


This is how my eyes look after adding the eyeshadow, its slightly darker but shimmery in person.



3. Next is adding the black outlines, which I did with liquid eyeliner so it doesnt smear or fall off as easily. I outlined my eye socket first and added ring details around it. Then I worked down to my nose and my chin.


4. I then drew the spiderwebs on my forehead. This was probably the hardest part, making sure I end up with straight lines.



5. The final step is jazzing it up with additional swirls and silver bedazzle jewels to add that little spark.

You can check out my tutorial on my costume and how I made the headband here. And heres how the complete costume look like.



What’d you guys think?

Friday Favorites: Fall & Pumpkin Candles!

1 Nov

It’s a day after Halloween and I still can’t believe it’s already November! Where did this year go?! Though I can’t complain too much since everything fall related is still up and coming! Speaking of fall, today I went to Bath and Body Works and I just had to share with y’all because it was such a good deal! They have so many sales (granted, not as much as after Christmas or Black Friday, but still!) because they’re currently transitioning from fall to their seasonal christmas items. So if you’re also a fellow Pumpkin obsessed person like me, stock up on your sweet cinnamon pumpkin candles and lotion now! There was a lot of stuff on the tables for 50%! Needless to say, this is definitely my friday favorites! Here are some of my loves:
BathandBody Lotion
^^ I was able to get this signature item for free because I had a coupon they gave me from my previous purchase!
BathandBody Lotion

Nutmeg & spice candle

sandlewood citrus

Vanilla Cedarwood candle


^^This is by far my latest favorite. My apartment smells like I just baked pumpkin pie! =]

Needless to say, I definitely stocked up a little before Christmas… I didn’t go too crazy because I know there’s just going to be so much more come Black Friday and after Christmas. But I just couldn’t resist the pumpkin candles! Oh! And after your purchase, they give you a coupon for free signature item after spending $15 or more and an additional $10 off if you spend $30 or more.

Also, I’m in no way affiliated with Bath and Body Works, nor am I doing paid advertising for them. I just truly love their products! =] What about you guys? What’s your favorite Bath and Body scent?!


Fall in love with Leg warmers!

3 Oct

Though it’s October, it definitely doesn’t feel like fall outside. Not sure if I like it or not yet…. It feels like an awkward time, between the wonderful hot summer days of shorts and tank tops and the super cozy fall weather of sweaters and scarves. Now it’s too cold to be in shorts, but too hot to be wearing a scarf. I decided to give my new leg warmers a test, even though it’s really more of a fall outfit “accessory”. This is the outfit I chose for a perfect weather such as today! What do y’all think?




Weekend Shenanigans: Renaissance Faire

26 Aug

This past weekend I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire for the first time and let me just say it was definitely a really cool experience! So many people (both the workers and attendees) were super excited for the event and many dressed up to fit the Renaissance occasion. As promised from my previous post, here are some photos!

I think my favorite part of this entire faire was seeing the cool fairy costumes and also eating a giant turkey leg!

Headless horseman

Knights in armor

The Queen





Yummy turkey leg

more fairies


Friday Favorites: Designer Pains

23 Aug

Though I love what I do and I try to design and surround myself in art all the time…..sometimes there are things that are super frustrating when it comes to my job as a designer. Here are a few hilarious/ too close to home videos or articles that I can totally relate to.

1. When your image is off by one pixel….

2. Vague and non descriptive client responses… 

3. But I guess vague responses are slightly better than indecisive clients… 


And of course… saved the best for last.

**Clients from Hell** and the crazy things they tell us on a day to day basis.

If you would like to share your designer problems… follow and tweet #designerproblems 

How many of these can you guys relate to?

Stay tuned… going to a Renaissance Faire this weekend and I will most definitely be posting photos shortly!


CaraBox Exchange: A trip to the carnival

27 Jun

Hey guys!
My second month doing the CaraBox Exchange and I was super excited for this month’s theme! If you’re curious to see what I received from my first CaraBox, you can see it here. For those who are not familiar, Kaitlyn at Wifessionals brilliant idea of exchanging gift boxes with other fellow bloggers and non bloggers to broaden our blog network- sphere and each month- the box follows a different theme.

This month the theme was Carnival related, while still keeping in mind what our assigned blogger loves and relating it to the blogger.

Here’s what I received from Alex at Our Lives Are An Open Blog. Along with her lovely encouragement note, I received a colorful scarf, summery color nail polish, chapstick, yummy caramel popcorn and a cute red popcorn container to hold it in!

Carnival June zoom in shot

Carabox Carnival

Carabox June Carnival Theme

I am in love with the vibrant colors and Alex couldn’t have captured the theme of Carnival any better! I love scarves and chapstick so this was a perfect jump to my summer in Milwaukee! I can’t wait to wear these bright colors before going to all the festivals and fairs this summer!

And for those who are curious….. Here’s a glimpse of what I sent to my blogger friend Bekah as my interpretation of what Carnivals mean to me.

Once again- shoutout to Kaitlyn for thinking of such a brilliant and adorable idea! For those who are interested in joining CaraBox– visit her blog to find more instructions! I can’t wait to find out what next month’s theme is!


Friday Favorites: Inspirational Quotes

4 May

Sorry I’m a day delayed on Friday Favorites…. but I’ve been busy making wall decors for my new place… which brings me to talk about my recent favorites. I love making little signs that have inspirational quotes on it as a motivational and reminder to myself. Whether it’s actually painting them onto canvases or just ink drawing them onto nice cardstock cards, I think it’s zenful to just doodle. Plus it’s a great way for me to explore different typography styles and work a little bit on calligraphy! Here are some of my favorite quotes that I will be making into canvases later. As always, thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration!











What do you guys think? What are some of your favorite quotes to live by?


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