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DIY Valentine’s Day Scratch Off Gifts!

6 Feb

The first week of February is almost over. Time flies by and before we know it, it’ll be Valentine’s Day. For those who are looking for gift inspirations that are budget friendly or more creative than just a card you picked up from Hallmark, I’m here to share my latest project! Now this isn’t ONLY something you give to your significant other or lover, it could also be gifted to a best friend or for kids valentine’s day exchange. It’s always fun to have a little interactivity with cards, especially from the receiving end! I made the phrasing a little bit more fun and quirky, from a bunch of our favorite shows and movies like Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory and Parks and Rec. Here’s the best part – I’ve attached blank downloadable versions at the end of this post for you to make your own!

The theme of these DIY scratch off Valentine’s Day card are “I Love you like…”.
Some of the sayings include:
I Love you like…
          – Leslie Knope Loves Waffles (Parks and Rec)
          – Khaleesi Loves her dragons (Game of Thrones)
          – Sheldon Loves his spot (The Big Bang Theory)
          – Snape Loves Lily (Harry Potter)
          – Marshmallow Loves LilyPad (HIMYM)
          – Dobby Loves his socks (Harry Potter)
          – Zombies Loves Brains (The Walking Dead)
          – Walter White loves Chemistry (Breaking Bad)


  • This downloadable template (see end of blog)
  • A silver ring (You can buy these at Office Max)
  • Contact Paper (sold at Walmart or Target)
  • Dish Soap (have around the house)
  • Hole puncher
  • Paint color of your choice (I used metallic gold acrylic – sold at Michaels)
  • Paint brush

Time it took me to DIY: less than 30 minutes.




Not only is this easy to put together, it’s super fun and creative! I followed the DIY Scratch Off tutorial (or for the visual learners, here’s a video) to make the scratch off boxes. So what are you waiting for? Go customize your own set! There’s plenty of other DIY Scratch off tutorials out there as well, so if you feel there’s a better tutorial out there, please do share in the comments! **Side note- please be patient as these are higher quality files- so it might take a second or two to load.


^^Download the SimplistiCreations_ScratchOffCards_boxes here.


^^Download the SimplistiCreations_ScratchOffCards_blank here.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time,



Laser Cut Wood Jewelry!

17 Jan

This past few weeks, outside of my new crochet adventures, I also started exploring lasercutting with wood. As you all know, I’ve been doing some laser cuts with paper for skylines and such, but I wanted to see what additional materials I can make fun projects out of. So I ended up designing a few pairs of wood laser cut earrings! As always, you can see more via my Etsy, here’s just a sneak peek! I’ve provided direct links below the image of where you can see more details about the earrings, or if you just click the image, it’ll take you directly to my Etsy shop for you to browse!

Check it out and please share what you guys think!


1 Boston Terrier Earrings | 2 Nuts about You Earrings | 3 In a Nutshell Earrings| 4 Foxy Studs |5 RainDrop Earrings| 6 Vintage Scissors Earrings| 7 Sugar Skull Earrings| 8 SHIELD Avengers Earrings|  9 Cute Raccoon Earrings


Latest Obsession: Crocheting!

6 Jan

I recently picked up new obsession… crocheting! I’ve always wanted to learn but I keep putting it off, thinking it was more complicated than it really is. Granted, I’ve only mastered one stitch, haha, so it’s still too soon to tell.

Check this out! I totally “cheated” and got extra chunky yarn and a super thick crochet needle to speed up the process! Maybe someday, I’ll try out the smaller crochet needles and see a different result! But for now, I think this is the perfect weekend project to work on while watching a movie! This completed crochet measures approx. 12 inches and I started with 46 chains using a 19 mm needle (which is the biggest one they sell at Michaels). In hindsight, I should have probably used a 10mm needle…maybe for the next project!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.17.57 AM

My lovely model :p

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.18.04 AM

Click the image below to see the youtube video I used as a resource! I’m more of a visual learner, so reading instructions about crochet stitches were not helpful. I went the route of watching videos to learn and it was super easy breezy!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.25.43 AM


Future Projects I want to tackle:




Additional resources/ links that would be helpful!

Crochet Tips for Beginners

Scarf patterns for beginners

Crochet FYIs For Beginners




What do you guys think? Was there something that you wish someone told you when you first learned to crochet?



DIY Picture Frame with a Unique Twist

29 Dec

I couldn’t post this until after Christmas because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise! Check out this DIY picture frame with a unique twist! I was inspired by this post to create my own photo frame as a gift, but I wanted the option and flexibility to keep changing out the photos without all the hassle. So I decided to use 2″ blocks and a very cute custom breakfast dish tray as a frame! Now this frame can also be used as a tray to bring breakfast in bed! I bought this adorable tray from Sue via Etsy! She was extremely accommodating and her product is BEAUTIFUL! Definitely check out her store!

I think the most tedious about this project was just finding the right photos and hand cutting all of them to the right size! Check this out! It’s definitely a good thing I’m such an Instagram addict, because this size ended up being perfect for Instagram photos! Now this is a perfect gift that stands on its own on a book shelf or next to other frames!








Weekend Project: Nutcracker Tree Skirt!

15 Dec

So this weekend, I took on a project that I thought was going to take less than an hour… ended up being about 2-3 hours long. I’ve been looking everywhere for a nutcracker tree skirt, but the only ones I found were either super retro/ ugly or just didn’t exist! So I decided to do something about it… make my own! Unfortunately, I got a little carried away while I was making this, so I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of my step-by-step tutorial… but here is a few pictures of the finalized product! I got all my materials at Joann Fabrics and with coupons and everything, this was approx $25.

->>The materials <<-

->> Fleece fabric (1/4 yard) of every color you want- I got blue, white, green, mustard yellow and brown

->> 1 1/4 yard of red fleece or velvet fabric

->> Gold Trim – 4 yards (I got the ones you measure- you could also buy the whole spool if needed)

->> Hot glue and hot glue gun

->> Sharp scissors

This is what I used as a guide to measure the red circle skirt;

and this is what I used as a visual to free hand cut my nutcrackers and trees! Hope this helps!


What do you guys think?!










DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament

12 Dec

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, I started prepping for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party I’m having two weeks from now, so I decided to come up with a project for my guests to work on while they’re here instead of just standing around drinking! Michaels is doing a great sale currently on all their stickers and Christmas related products, so I definitely went a little overboard and stocked up! There are also a lot of these things at the Dollar Store, so I would highly recommend checking that out first before splurging at Michaels!

->> Materials <<-

Candy cane stickers, christmas tree stickers, snow flake stickers

Sparkly jewel stickers


Fabric Glue/ Super Glue or Hot Glue

glitter pom poms of various sizes


felt sheets with variety of colors

Glitter foam sheets

Pipe cleaners

Small hanger paperclips or make your own using this tutorial

And small bells


 ->> Instructions <<-

1) First, decide what color you want your ugly sweater to be – and cut two size squares measuring4 inches x 4 inches (it depends on how big you want your sweater ornament to be at the end)


2) Then cut a sweater shape out of both the felt sheets- I just freehand cut this. But if you want to print a sweater template here to trace and cut, it’s also available from that link!


3) Then I used fabric glue to glue the sweater together. But I didn’t have time to wait for it to dry- so I ended up using hot glue to make it quicker. If time allows, fabric glue will work fine on this felt.


4) From there, you can start decorating it! The first one I made was a moose head with a jingle bell red nose! To see some ideas for how to decorate and what to put on your sweater- check this out.


->> Final Results <<-




What do you guys think?!


New PaperCut Products!

9 Dec

Not sure if I mentioned this yet since I’ve been busy this past weekend from The Cream City Creatives Art Fair at Turner Hall in Milwaukee!

Check out some of the holiday products and order them in time for Christmas! Just click on the image and it’ll take you directly to my Etsy shop!

->>Holiday Mitten Garland <<-



->> Get Organized Planners!<<-




->> School Spirit Calendars – Marquette & UW Badgers<<-





->> Holiday Cards <<-








DIY Dios de los Muertos Makeup

4 Nov

Hope everyone had an excellent Halloween weekend! Gotta love that Halloween ended up on a Friday this year. As promised, here’s a tutorial on how I put together my Dios de los Muertos makeup!


1. Apply white halloween makeup over your entire face. I used primer beforehand so the makeup stays in place. I also used manic panics white powder to make the white even more prominent.


2. I then added red around my eyes, following the arch of where my eyebrows are to the bottom socket of my eyes. I went over the red with Loreals red shimmer eye shadow so it adds depth.


This is how my eyes look after adding the eyeshadow, its slightly darker but shimmery in person.



3. Next is adding the black outlines, which I did with liquid eyeliner so it doesnt smear or fall off as easily. I outlined my eye socket first and added ring details around it. Then I worked down to my nose and my chin.


4. I then drew the spiderwebs on my forehead. This was probably the hardest part, making sure I end up with straight lines.



5. The final step is jazzing it up with additional swirls and silver bedazzle jewels to add that little spark.

You can check out my tutorial on my costume and how I made the headband here. And heres how the complete costume look like.



What’d you guys think?

DIY Glass Etching as Gifts

30 Oct

One of my co-worker’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to put together a thoughtful gift for her (big surprise :p). She’s also a fella baker like me, so I thought, what would a baker want as a gift. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I bake anything to a party, I always either forget the tupperware or it mistakenly gets taken by someone else, thinking it’s theirs. So I started researching how difficult it would be to make a DIY glass etching tupperware for my co-worker. Turns out, it was extremely easy, and I can’t wait to start etching more things!

This is how the finished product looks:


–>> Materials <<–

1. Tupperware of any size (some etching cream says Pyrex doesn’t etch… I used a pyrex and it worked out fine)

2.  Armour Etch Cream ( I bought mine here for about $13 for 3 oz, but that’s plenty for what I’m using it for)

3. Large popsicle sticks (can get these anywhere – walgreens, target, Michaels etc)

4. Paper Towels

5. rubber gloves (optional) – if you don’t want to get the cream on your hands

6. Contact paper (bought mine from Target for $6)

7. Exacto knife and a cutting mat (if you decide to cut your own designs)


–>> Tutorial <<-

1. Trace the outer corners of your tupperware (by placing the contact paper under the tupperware). *this will be important later. Then sketch out your design on the contact paper – depending on where you want to etch on your tupperware, the design might need to be reversed. You can also buy stencils of visual designs from Michaels or any art store. Since mine is a customized gift, I decided to just cut my own design.


2. Carefully cut out your design and make sure to save the little pieces from special letters like “A” “D” “e” (especially in this case, since I wanted the letters to show up clearly.



3. I then cut each section out (while keeping the round edges that I traced from step 1) so it’s easier to apply onto the tupperware without forming giant bubbles between the tupperware and stencil. simplisticreations_DIYGlassEtching2

4. This is where the outlining your tupperware comes in handy. I then followed the rounded corners to carefully line up where I want my message inside the tupperware.


5. Then I got to use this bad boy – Armour Etch with large popsicle sticks to apply it. I didn’t want to use a brush because I was afraid it would strip my cream too thin and the letters wouldn’t etch properly. Though I read some other tutorials and they used brushes, so it’s really a personal preference. Try not to breath in too deeply when you’re doing this though, it definitely has a stink…


6. Apply away! Make sure you’re generous with the cream so your etching designs don’t end up blotchy. simplisticreations_DIYGlassEtching5

7. The Etching Cream says to wait 1 minute and rinse. But I decided to wait 5 minutes just to be safe. And it turned out great! So once your 5 minutes was up, carefully rinse your design under warm water with a sponge with the stencil still on.

8. Once the cream is all washed off, carefully take your stencil off and rinse your tupperware again with soap. Clean off the glass and now it’s ready to be wrapped & gifted!



Stay tuned for more photos of my Dios de los Muertos costume tomorrow! We’re having a giant party at work and I can’t wait! (I do work for a Halloween e-commerce company, after all) Happy Early Halloween kids! :p


DIY Dios de los Muertos Costume

26 Oct

Hey guys and gals! I’ve been busy the past week putting together my costume for Halloween. This year, I was torn between Medusa and Dios de los Muertos sugar skull and I ended up having more ideas on how to make the sugar skull costume instead. So this is going to mostly a tutorial on how I made the tutu and the headband. There will be a later tutorial on how I painted my face, so stay tuned for that! Otherwise, it took me less than a day to put this tutu together and 15 minutes to make the floral headband.

The overall cost of this costume was about $50 (mostly because the makeup and socks/ gloves I bought were more expensive than I thought. The tutu and headband materials cost less than $20 for everything from Joann Fabrics.) In hindsight, I probably could have just bought this costume, instead of spending the time to make it… but most costumes are super short and too revealing…. Not exactly what I’m going for. :p

I only managed to put together a tutorial on how I made the headband, I got way too excited to make the tutu and didn’t get a chance to document my process. But I found some fairly good ones that you could check out! Instead of using ribbon, I used elastic so I can just slip it on. The tutu is a little less than 24 inches because I wanted a longer tutu, since I’ll be wearing this to work. Check out the tutu tutorials here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 5.31.12 PM


 Headband tutorial:


Stay tuned for my Dios de los Muertos makeup tutorial later this week!


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