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DIY Glass Etching as Gifts

30 Oct

One of my co-worker’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to put together a thoughtful gift for her (big surprise :p). She’s also a fella baker like me, so I thought, what would a baker want as a gift. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I bake anything to a party, I always either forget the tupperware or it mistakenly gets taken by someone else, thinking it’s theirs. So I started researching how difficult it would be to make a DIY glass etching tupperware for my co-worker. Turns out, it was extremely easy, and I can’t wait to start etching more things!

This is how the finished product looks:


–>> Materials <<–

1. Tupperware of any size (some etching cream says Pyrex doesn’t etch… I used a pyrex and it worked out fine)

2.  Armour Etch Cream ( I bought mine here for about $13 for 3 oz, but that’s plenty for what I’m using it for)

3. Large popsicle sticks (can get these anywhere – walgreens, target, Michaels etc)

4. Paper Towels

5. rubber gloves (optional) – if you don’t want to get the cream on your hands

6. Contact paper (bought mine from Target for $6)

7. Exacto knife and a cutting mat (if you decide to cut your own designs)


–>> Tutorial <<-

1. Trace the outer corners of your tupperware (by placing the contact paper under the tupperware). *this will be important later. Then sketch out your design on the contact paper – depending on where you want to etch on your tupperware, the design might need to be reversed. You can also buy stencils of visual designs from Michaels or any art store. Since mine is a customized gift, I decided to just cut my own design.


2. Carefully cut out your design and make sure to save the little pieces from special letters like “A” “D” “e” (especially in this case, since I wanted the letters to show up clearly.



3. I then cut each section out (while keeping the round edges that I traced from step 1) so it’s easier to apply onto the tupperware without forming giant bubbles between the tupperware and stencil. simplisticreations_DIYGlassEtching2

4. This is where the outlining your tupperware comes in handy. I then followed the rounded corners to carefully line up where I want my message inside the tupperware.


5. Then I got to use this bad boy – Armour Etch with large popsicle sticks to apply it. I didn’t want to use a brush because I was afraid it would strip my cream too thin and the letters wouldn’t etch properly. Though I read some other tutorials and they used brushes, so it’s really a personal preference. Try not to breath in too deeply when you’re doing this though, it definitely has a stink…


6. Apply away! Make sure you’re generous with the cream so your etching designs don’t end up blotchy. simplisticreations_DIYGlassEtching5

7. The Etching Cream says to wait 1 minute and rinse. But I decided to wait 5 minutes just to be safe. And it turned out great! So once your 5 minutes was up, carefully rinse your design under warm water with a sponge with the stencil still on.

8. Once the cream is all washed off, carefully take your stencil off and rinse your tupperware again with soap. Clean off the glass and now it’s ready to be wrapped & gifted!



Stay tuned for more photos of my Dios de los Muertos costume tomorrow! We’re having a giant party at work and I can’t wait! (I do work for a Halloween e-commerce company, after all) Happy Early Halloween kids! :p


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