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DIY Dios de los Muertos Costume

26 Oct

Hey guys and gals! I’ve been busy the past week putting together my costume for Halloween. This year, I was torn between Medusa and Dios de los Muertos sugar skull and I ended up having more ideas on how to make the sugar skull costume instead. So this is going to mostly a tutorial on how I made the tutu and the headband. There will be a later tutorial on how I painted my face, so stay tuned for that! Otherwise, it took me less than a day to put this tutu together and 15 minutes to make the floral headband.

The overall cost of this costume was about $50 (mostly because the makeup and socks/ gloves I bought were more expensive than I thought. The tutu and headband materials cost less than $20 for everything from Joann Fabrics.) In hindsight, I probably could have just bought this costume, instead of spending the time to make it… but most costumes are super short and too revealing…. Not exactly what I’m going for. :p

I only managed to put together a tutorial on how I made the headband, I got way too excited to make the tutu and didn’t get a chance to document my process. But I found some fairly good ones that you could check out! Instead of using ribbon, I used elastic so I can just slip it on. The tutu is a little less than 24 inches because I wanted a longer tutu, since I’ll be wearing this to work. Check out the tutu tutorials here.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 5.31.12 PM


 Headband tutorial:


Stay tuned for my Dios de los Muertos makeup tutorial later this week!


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