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DIY Picture Frame with a Unique Twist

29 Dec

I couldn’t post this until after Christmas¬†because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise! Check out this DIY picture frame with a unique twist! I was inspired by this post to create my own photo frame as a gift, but I wanted the option and flexibility to keep changing out the photos without all the hassle. So I decided to use 2″ blocks and a very cute custom breakfast dish tray as a frame! Now this frame can also be used as a tray to bring breakfast in bed! I bought this adorable tray from Sue via Etsy! She was extremely accommodating and her product is BEAUTIFUL! Definitely check out her store!

I think the most tedious about this project was just finding the right photos and hand cutting all of them to the right size! Check this out! It’s definitely a good thing I’m such an Instagram addict, because this size ended up being perfect for Instagram photos! Now this is a perfect gift that stands on its own on a book shelf or next to other frames!








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