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Small Business Tips & Know Hows

26 Jan

I’ve been looking at ways to further promote my items on Etsy and share new ideas with some new customers. But as I started researching Etsy shop tips, I figured, this might be helpful for a lot of other artists out there who were pondering the idea of expanding or how to further grow their online shop! So here are some articles and sources that I found useful!

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^^ Handmadeology features other Etsians and fellow bloggers who share their experiences and what they’ve learned. The articles that stuck out to me the most were:

Tips to be successful on Etsy

and Create Visibility this Season



^^ This list alone has more than 300 marketing tips and useful advices to think about when considering how else to promote your shop!

These are some of my favorite tips thus far:

1. List only items you love or Make only items you love.

2. Answer their questions before they ask. This can be done through accurate photography and detailed product descriptions. Of course, it never hurts to have wonderful customer service as well!

3. Never give up. Keep adding products – it may take a few tries to find what works for your line.

4. If you want your Etsy shop to be successful, treat it like a business, not a hobby.

5. Work in multiples! it’s easier to create in an assembly line than recreate one at a time!

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^ Moo also has a list, broken down to specific categories you were thinking about for a small business.



^Etsy is always offering resources for business owners. Here are two of my favorite links. One and Two.  They ask a list of rhetorical questions for you to consider before even thinking about expanding your Etsy shop. It’s a great way to determine if you’re mentally ready to expand and if your resources are ready.

And of course- be constantly inspired by others who are there to share with you their journey via Etsy’s Featured Shops and take note of what makes them successful. Eventually, you’ll pick up a pattern!
**Additional business talks like Taxes we don’t really think about. Etsy provides a detailed list of items you could tax deduct from! You can see that list here.



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